Would you like rapid transformation in all major areas of your life WITHOUT investing in MULTIPLE coaches?

Do you find yourself avoiding long coaching programs because they require too much time and money - and are limited to just one area?

We created Oneness Festival because we understand that the 3 major areas of a happy life should not be treated separately.


And that how you do one thing, is how you do everything....


Have you ever been in a great relationship - but you couldn’t fully relax into it, as every day you were worried about money?



Or had a fantastic job or project - but gained unhealthy weight, stress and lost the confidence to attract your ideal partner - and perhaps that decline in health even forced you to quit?

The 3 main pillars of human life are: health, wealth and relationships.


It’s clear that we need to thrive in all 3 areas in order to feel happy and fulfilled.


But what hardly anyone talks about is that there are specific links between these areas - and if you are aware of these links - then you can exponentially improve your success and fulfillment in each of these areas.


The interconnectedness of the different areas of our life - is something that western culture and education consistently avoids to recognise.


Causing severe life problems such as physical illness, depression and failed relationships. 


At Oneness Tribe we truly believe that, with the right tools and support, human beings are designed to thrive in all of these areas.


This is why we have created Oneness Chrysalis - to give you the...


  • Tools

  • Support

  • Structure

  • Connection

  • Accountability 

  • Community

  • Expert access

  • Energetical Transmissions


...you need to make rapid transformations across your life and do it in a way that lasts.


Oneness Chrysalis is a 9-week group coaching program starting on 4th January 2021 - where you be guided to fulfilment in the 3 major areas of life: Health, Wealth & Relationships. And, importantly, discover how strengthening one of these areas will help boost the others.

We are handpicking 3 of our most successful experts from the Oneness community.


You will go through a unique 3-level Oneness methodology: Liberate, Stabilize & Thrive



Liberate yourself from negative and unhealthy patterns that are keeping you from growing and evolving.




Develop and solidify the habits that will help maintain your foundation for growth.




Get the tools you need to maximise your potential.


You will have 3 weeks to practise and integrate the teachings in each area at each level. 


We will form “Circle of Trust” buddy systems - where 3 of you will help support each other on your journey and help hold each other accountable.


You will join 1 of 3 “pods” - where you will be guided and supported each week by one of the Oneness Hosts - Sia, Daniel or Magda.

What you’re getting:

  • 9 weeks of transformation, community and accountability (valued at $ $4,000)

  • 9 x 60-min weekly calls with 3 different Experts (valued at $ 3,000)

  • 9 x 60-min integration call with Sia & Daniel, founders of Oneness (valued at $6,000)

  • Access to your Accountability group/buddies (priceless)

  • In-depth assessment test to start the program to help you identify your strength and weakness, set the right intentions and goals for the program and track your progress  (valued at $600)

  • Personal access to 5 experts in fields of… (priceless)

  • Access to 32 other high-value participants (priceless)




  • FREE TICKETS to the next 3 ONENESS FESTIVALS for you & a friend (valued at $1000+)







Payable in 4 monthly instalments of 599 USD

Or 12 monthly instalments of 219 USD

DATES: 4th JANUARY - 8th MARCH 2021

Limited to only 21 people!

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