The Creators

Of Oneness Festival

Sia Di


An entrepreneur, author,  bachelor of Industrial Engineering & bachelor of Business Commerce, Sia has ran his own businesses as a Life Coach, Body-Worker & Personal Trainer for the past decade.

At age 28, when he had his first awakening, he dedicated his life to deepen his spiritual practice and to help others create a more meaningful life.


While living in London, he gave away all of his belongings, grabbed a backpack and travelled the world. 

After working with clients for many years, he knew that he needed to create something that could impact more people.


He loved his one-on-one work, but deep down, he wanted to reach more lives. His mission was expanding. The universe had something bigger planned for him.

It was during his meditation one day that he received a vision to create an online festival. To support the awakening of humanity and to guide it towards Oneness.


It was so clear that he knew he had no choice but to give birth to a movement that could reach thousands of lives. 

And so the Oneness Festival was born.

Daniel Winn


After leaving the corporate sales & marketing world of London, UK, 5 year ago - Daniel has been on a journey of personal transformation ever since.


Anxiety, disconnection and unfulfillment drove him to take a year off and travel the world, in  search for deeper meaning.


That journey never stopped.


One silent meditation retreat, two yoga teacher trainings, dozens of medicine ceremonies and countless transformational experiences later - Daniel is now driven to bring similar experiences of transformation to others around the world.

After leaving a £100,000+ a year sales and marketing role in London - Daniel started again - forming his own creative agency - Awaken Digital - to help conscious business form and deliver their messages to the world.


Daniel brings his passion for branding, communication and entrepreneurship together with his personal mission of transformation together to help drive Oneness Festival's mission forward.