The Oneness Creators

Sia Di



An entrepreneur, author,  bachelor of Industrial Engineering & bachelor of Business Commerce, Sia has ran his own businesses as a Life Coach & Personal Trainer for the past 10 years.

Sia's mission is to contribute to a world where people can feel safe enough to be their authentic selves. 

Speaking himself at various festivals over the past 3 years - he was inspired to create something unique to bring the incredible talent and inspiration to the masses during this critical time.

And so Oneness Festival was born.

Steve Kuo



As a Silicon Valley engineer / entrepreneur, Steve has worn many hats. His career has taken him from working with wireless technologies like WiFi and 4G, to co-founding an AI startup.


He has also created a video and event production business and led projects for marketing and advertising agencies. Last year, he decided to leave the corporate world in pursuit of personal growth and a location independent life.


He found his calling in work that improves people’s lives. Steve aspires to use his skills to help others create the lives of their dreams.

Daniel Winn



Founder of strategic consultancy & creative agency - Awaken Digital - Daniel helps to create powerful brands and messages for conscious businesses.

Daniel created the Oneness Festival brand, website and communications with the support of the rest of the team.

His mission is to help others experience similar transformations he has - by   bridging the gap between authentic conscious teachings and the modern western world through strategic branding,. design and communication.


Jessica Marshall

A seasoned veteran of all things digital marketing, Jessica has worked in the trenches of corporate B2B marketing and carried the flag for small and large businesses alike for the better part of the last decade.


Her journey into conscious work and supporting the empowerment of humanity through marketing has taken her to new heights.


Applying her knowledge of social advertising, online marketing and digital strategy to coaches, teachers and events, brings together her two passions: increasing awareness throughout the collective, and empowering others in bringing their passion to life.



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