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Manifestation Coach and Women's Circle Facilitator

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Katie J. Jones is a Manifestation Coach, Women's Circle Facilitator, 300-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Meditation Guide. Her mission is to help the world heal through the power of aligned, intentional manifestation.

She does this by holding space for growth and transformation through a spiritual, yet practical, coaching style for groups and private clients.

One of Katie's favorite things to do is to guide meditation.

Katie's energy is grounding, calming, and relaxing. Her soothing voice will guide you out of your stressed out, busy, and anxious state and help you relax into the present moment.

Once you’re present, you can identify limiting beliefs and explore creative solutions to your obstacles because you’ll no longer be operating in survival mode (i.e. monkey mind).

Katie loves guiding meditations one-on-one, virtually, and for groups of all sizes.

She believes that when we meditate, we make the world a better place. When we meditate together, that impact is amplified!

You can find Katie's guided meditations on Insight Timer, her podcast, WOMANIFESTER, and on Instagram.