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Sexual Empowerment Expert

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Arja Hendrikx is the founder of the Intimate Lovers Method which has helped hundreds of lovers to stop missing out on real intimacy and start experiencing deep, connecting and sacred love making. Arja facilitates courses all over the world and has seen hundreds of people transform in front of her eyes.
She has been traveling the world for over 8 years, exploring different spiritual traditions and branches of yoga and meditation. In search for authentic spirituality she couldn’t do anything else than dedicate her life to the tantric path.
During her tantric journey Arja has been greatly inspired while living in different tantric communities around the world and studying with the foremost leaders and teachers. After years of study and self-practice, she went through a comprehensive Tantra Instructor training and she now combines her intensive and comprehensive study, self-practice, research and personal experiences to create the most valuable, life-changing and transformational experiences for you.