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Anaya’s passion is to empower people to become their own physician.
To encourage people to make a study of themselves.
To learn about how they got their issues and then how to resolve it all naturally.
The Gift of Knowledge Of The Self
Work with what Nature Gave To You.

Anaya was introduced to meditation when she was about 16 years old.
Learning much about the internal world in relationship with the external universal connection.
She practiced so much she began to feel the energy field her body was producing like some kind of magical, unseen magnetic sensations.
Anaya was hooked into the Mystical from this point on.

In later years Anaya trained in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management, traditional Chinese medicine + Acupuncture, Qigong + TaiQi.
She followed this around the world, extending studies, research and practice into discoveries of sound healing, bio resonant technologies and spiritual healings.

Her practice has evolved into a unique amalgamation of learned life experiences.
It involves electro-magnetic frequency machines; sound healing; TCM; hands on body work following the traditional cultures+ joint realignment; wise wisdoms with lymphatic drainage + practical solutions; mental + sensorial focus techniques to literally see and feel your areas of complaint shift within you.

For Healing, the goal is always in 3 parts;
Clear Blockages, Reset to Normal, then add in Nutrients.
Healing is not complicated, but it can be detailed.
Anaya is always looking for the most efficient, profound + gentle ways to aid her friends.

Forever a Student of Life,
Xo Anaya

Ana Theresa Steele
BHSc TCM + Acupuncture
Dip. Qigong + TaiQi
The Science Inside Old Knowledge
Knowing Nature to BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR