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Nirmana is a community-based health network that allows people to heal and  transform in a community in a beautiful environment that allows them to use  natural healing methods to transform their lives. Nirmana is a community-based  self care health system that enables people to transform their lives in  community and provide some alternatives to the failing old medical system.  

Nirmana is a movement about a new way of living, co-healing, co-working, and  co-creating, together as a community using natural holistic, energetic methods  to detox, raise immunity and get ready for the new community-based resource  sharing economy and a new way of life. 



4-Day Program is a catalyst to introduce a new way of living in community;  healing focusing on changing lifestyle habits and reducing attachments to  toxins that can reduce immune system; food introducing permaculture or  organic plant-based nutrition systems that encourage purity and well-being  with spiritual mindfulness practices that encourage a new approach to  transforming your life 

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4-Week Program is a community-based new approach to co-living, co working, and co-healing together as a community that looks at result based outcomes rather than basing healing on a per hour basis. It provides  an alternative to the old medical system, but also provides people with a  chance to co-heal, co-live, and co-work together in an environment that is  conducive to a conscious lifestyle. 

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Energi is a revolutionary Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency and blockchain-based financial services organization founded on the goal of delivering secure, decentralized solutions that eliminate the need for traditional financial institutions and drive cryptocurrency adoption.

Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and a truly unique organizational leadership philosophy, Energi aims to bring about positive change for the world by leveraging the transformative power of the blockchain. With the belief that everyone should have free and fair access to financial services at their core, Energi is breaking down the traditional barriers to global finance and building a conscious and mindful future in the process.

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Energi Impact is the world’s first self-funded cryptocurrency impact project. Sustainability is at the heart of everything Energi does and Energi Impact is the direct manifestation of that. Using a portion of the funds generated by our unique, self-funded treasury, Energi Impact is dedicated to finding ways to have a direct positive impact on our planet through education, collaboration, and direct action.

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