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100% Online. Oneness Festival  will bring people together during a time of physical separation. Forming a tribe, connecting seekers with guides, opening doors to transformation & revolutionizing lives.


60 Speakers &
138 hours

Dive deep into a huge variety of quality content from world-class speakers.

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"​You have not failed to blow my mind - what an incredible journey."

Stephanie Ditchburn


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Transform your Life with Recorded "Life- Changing" Conscious Workshops

Dive Into Four Conscious Topics

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Movement & Entertainment

✓ Yoga Asana & Philosophy
✓ Meditation Classes
✓ Musical Performance
✓ Dance

Return to the joy of live movement, meditation and entertainment workshops.


So many vehicles of expression, movement & creativity have been strangled by the COVID epidemic. Dance & Yoga halls, movement workshops and other similar group events are like a golden memory.

So Oneness Festival is bringing it all into your home.


Experience the stillness, fun, connection of Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Movement and Music from a variety of incredible facilitators and artists. 

Join us for a variety of interactive classes, workshops and performances this June.

Deeper Love & Intimacy

✓ Tantra
✓ Dating & Relationships
✓ Sacred Sexuality

We all want to access deeper ways of connecting in Love & intimacy. 

However - with vulnerability seen as weakness, the dominance masculine workplaces & the world of porn - this can be challenging.

Many end up searching for deeper connection in all the wrong places such as drugs & alcohol. Leaving us feeling confused, unfulfilled & disconnected.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are tools, techniques and workshops available that can help you cultivate the relationships of your dreams.

Dive into our Love & Intimacy sessions and be guided by some of the world’s top experts  in the field…




✓ Self-Love
✓ Mindfulness & Spirituality
✓ Health, Fitness & Nutrition
 ✓Astrology & Human Design

We all want to feel free.

But no matter how many things or how much material wealth we possess - we cannot truly be free until we liberate ourselves from the programming, stories and grip of our own mind.

Depression, mental illness and discontentment are rife in our society - even when we “achieve” all the things that were meant to bring us happiness.

Conscious living focuses on the teachings, practises and wisdom that Western society has long forgotten. 

Dive into the world of higher consciousness & spirituality - and discover for yourself the power of your own heart and soul  that can help lead you to unimaginable self-transformation, fulfillment & joy.


Success & Abundance

✓ Business.
✓ Deliberate Creation
✓ Law of Attraction
✓ Abundance Generation

“Money is the root of all evil” - or is it?

What we do for work and our relationship with money & wealth plays a huge factor in our ability to feel happy and secure.


The problem is, our education system is set up to train factory workers.

It fails to teach us how to find our purpose, how to truly create abundance, how to create our own version of success - or simply how to be happy.


That’s where our coaches come in.


Join us as we host a line-up of the most motivating and successful coaches in the field - helping you to avoid a life of “if onlys” and live a life of fulfillment and success.

Your Keynote Speakers

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Headline Artists

Who Performed at Oneness Festival

Have you been living up to your full potential?

The world is feeling the effects of fear and separation as they are being played out in their various destructive forms. Our society and education systems simply aren’t preparing us with the wisdom, skills and mentality we need - to help take humanity out of this phase.

What we need now, perhaps more than ever, is to start coming together in a new way - 

;learning new & life changing skills, forming global conscious communities & begin moving towards our highest potential.

Our mission, is to help give people like you the access to the teachings and community that can help you transform your life. 


Offering you the tools to consciously create the relationships, career, and lifestyle of your dreams.


We believe that it is as our highest selves, that we can make the biggest difference.

So that we all can play our part in the awakening of humanity - raising global consciousness and uniting through love.

Welcome to Oneness Festival.

138 Hours of "Life-Changing" Content

Watch the recordings of a revolutionary & conscious online festival of life-changing proportions. Join 50+ of the worlds top coaches and 1000s of others in a celebration of conscious education and entertainment. 

Learn life-changing tools & skills

The essential wisdom, knowledge & techniques our education system fails to teach us.

Become part of a new global tribe

Get access to Facebook groups and other forums. Be inspired and see new and exciting ways to start living your purpose.

Realize your potential

Be inspired and learn the how to best live up to your true potential.


3-Steps to Transformation

Your Journey to Oneness

How to reserve your space at the Oneness Festival & begin your path of transformation.


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